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Money Market
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Overdraft Transfer Service

We offer overdraft transfer service on your checking account, which protects against high fees and embarrassment associated with "bounced checks." A check bounces when there is not enough money in your checking account to pay an item. You can select Z-Share, money market or Visa credit card* to protect your checking account in the event funds are not available to pay an item.
  • Overdraft transfers are made in $50 increments1
  • Overdraft transfer fee(s) waived on the first two days per year2
  • Overdraft transfers from a Visa credit card can be made up to the available line of credit
  • Repeated excess transfers may result in the loss of overdraft privileges
The best way to prevent overdraft fees is to carefully balance your checkbook so you always know your current checking account balance.

* Must have parent or legal guardian as co-borrower if Zard member is under 18.

1Overdraft transfers from home equity accounts are made in increments of $500.
2Overdraft transfer fees are waived for two separate days per year through the Overdraft Fee Free Days Program. A $0.50 fee will be assessed per overdraft transfer once the Overdraft Fee Free Days have been exhausted.