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Overdraft Transfer Service

How Does Overdraft Transfer Service Work?

Enrolling in Overdraft Transfer Service helps prevent NSF fees or an overdrawn account when your Checking account doesn’t have sufficient available funds to pay an item. Overdraft Transfer Service automatically moves available funds to your Checking account from up to two protecting accounts you designate. A protecting account can be your Zard Share, Money Market Share or Checking account, or an Open-End Signature loan, or Home Equity line of credit.2, 3


  • Two Overdraft Fee Free Days1
  • $0.50 fee for each overdraft transfer after Fee Free Days are used
  • Up to two protecting accounts
  • Funds transferred in whole dollar amounts
    • Funds transferred in $50 increments from Share and deposit accounts,2 and Open-End Signature loans3
    • Funds transferred in $500 increments from Home Equity lines of credit3
If the standard transfer increment is not available in the protecting account, all funds available (in whole dollars) will be transferred to your Checking Account.4

See our Account Rules and Regulations on the Account Disclosures page for more information.

The best way to prevent overdraft fees is to balance your checking account carefully so you always know how much you have available to spend.

How to Get Overdraft Transfer Service

You can sign up for Overdraft Transfer Service in your local branch or online through Member Access. Contact our 24/7 Member Services at (888) 732-8562 for answers to any of your questions.

1No fee assessed the first two days of each calendar year on which an Overdraft Transfer Service Fee would otherwise be incurred on an account.
2Up to the available balance for checking accounts and money market share accounts. Share accounts must maintain a $25 minimum balance for membership. If a Share account serves as a protecting account for Overdraft Transfer Service purposes, the $25 minimum amount is not available for overdraft transfer even though this amount is included as part of the account’s Available Balance displayed online.
3Overdraft transfers from SECU Visa Credit Card accounts (if offered by the Credit Union), Open-End Signature loans, and Home Equity lines of credit are considered cash advances or loan advances, as applicable, and can be made up to the amount of the available ceiling/credit limit, less any outstanding available balance. The available amount for overdraft transfer is (1) for Open-End Signature loans and Home Equity lines of credit, 100% of the unused line of credit plus $200, and (2) for credit cards, the unused line of credit plus 10% of the credit limit. Members must be 18 years of age or older or otherwise eligible for lending services to apply. 4Funds are transferred from the primary protecting account first. If funds from the primary protecting account are insufficient to cover any item posting to the Checking account, all available funds are transferred from the primary protecting account first and then another transfer is made from the secondary protecting account, if funds are available. If your Overdraft Fee Free Days have been exhausted, your Checking account will incur a $0.50 fee for each transfer.