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Deposit Rates
Money Market
Quoted Rates, dividends, annual percentage yields (APY) and rates (APR) are subject to change daily at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Regulation D – Account Classification and Transaction Limitation

The Credit Union is required to follow regulations set forth by the Federal Reserve Bank. Regulation D governs the amount of reserves that a financial institution must set aside based on deposit accounts.

The following transactions can be performed from your share, IRA or money market account but are limited to a maximum of six total transactions (any combination) per account, during a calendar month due to the requirements of Regulation D.
  • Internet transfers to another deposit account
  • Voice Response transfers to another deposit account
  • Phone transfers to another deposit account via our 24/7 Member Services or your local branch
  • Overdraft transfers to a checking account
  • Automated funds transfers to another deposit account
  • Funds transfers or withdrawals (not initiated in person at a branch) and payable to a third party such as a wire transfer request or recurring wire

All other transactions types are unlimited.